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Welcome to Adonel Concrete

Adonel is South Florida’s largest privately-owned concrete company. It became #1 by delivering the industry’s most effective concrete products on time, every time, to important construction jobs in South Florida’s growing markets.

At Adonel, we use only the latest, most efficient equipment, modern technology and effective procedures. With 12 efficient concrete plants and two block plants serving customers in Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, St. Lucie, Martin and Indian River counties, our “can do” attitude delivers quality, and has for more than 30 years.

When our signature red, white and blue trucks arrive, so does our reputation. We continually strive to be the best we can be for our employees, our customers and the communities we serve.


We are Reliable

Adonel became #1 by arriving on time, every time. Adonel’s has 12 plants at key sites throughout the South Florida market and a fleet of 180 trucks that dispatch to meet customer schedules. Adonel is in constant communication with site managers to deliver a quality mix on deadline.

We are Flexible

Adonel Concrete meets all its clients’ needs, by offering a complete selection of today’s concrete products. If there’s a requirement of a special mix or an unusual demand, Adonel Concrete’s award-winning customer service is poised and ready to help our customers determine the best mix.

We Offer Concrete Solutions

Adonel specializes in working with customers to develop the concrete mix and delivery system that gives the best results for the best value. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Adonel Strong. Adonel Safe.

For more than 30 years, Adonel Concrete has remained the top concrete supplier in South Florida. This success has been built by a guiding principle: our people are our greatest asset.

A top priority for Adonel Concrete, we are committed to creating a safe environment across each of the company’s 17 locations, doing all that is necessary to ensure the safety and health of each and every one of our more than 260 employees.  

Adonel strives for a zero-injury workplace and prohibits unsafe or hazardous working practices. Through a combination of regulation compliance and partnering with management in the field, we place a focus on:

– Accident Investigation and Tracking

– Safety Training

– Emergency Prevention and Preparation

– Risk Analysis; and

– Safety Promotion

In fact, in 2016 Adonel Concrete was proud to announce it had achieved a full year (365 days) without a lost time accident.

How does Adonel remain Adonel Strong? Simple. By putting our employees first!


Adonel Concrete is committed to improving the communities we serve not just today, but for future generations. We strive to be a leader in energy conservation and environmental quality by maintaining sound management practice in our operations.

Through plant and staff investment, Adonel is committed to reducing water, air and ground pollution as an integral and fundamental part of our operations. We not only meet governmental compliance measures, but also are dedicated to constant waste minimization.

Focused on energy efficiency, we practice recycling and source reduction. All of the materials used to produce our concrete come from local materials. By using materials produced and/or manufactured within a 500-mile radius, this helps lower transportation-related emissions. In fact, most of our 180 truck fleet meet the EPA’s low emissions standards.

As we continue to grow, Adonel is determined to routinely assess our multi-plant production facilities and operations for environmental improvements.

Our Products

We became #1 in our business by working harder and smarter. Adonel works closely with suppliers and builders to keep up with industry trends and customer needs. We constantly lab-test local application of new products to develop mixes that flow better, are self-compacting and get strong more quickly. Then we pump up our production capability to maintain Adonel’s reputation for on-time delivery.

Adonel News

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Adonel Concrete provides the most amazing customer service. From the time we place the order to the delivery of the concrete, Adonel is fantastic to work with. They are truly an exceptional company."
- Gina Regueira, Purchasing Director, L&R Structural
I am pleased with the relationship that has been established between Builders Plus and Adonel Concrete. It’s clear to me that their management works extremely hard to meet and exceed the needs of their customers."
- Denise Santiago, Vice President of Business Development, Builders Plus
To me, the first thing to look for in a concrete supplier is service. With the amount of construction going on today, you need somebody that will provide optimal service. Adonel’s capability and service is truly at an all-time level."
- Guillermo Fernandez, President, LINK Construction
When deciding who to partner with, you always have to think long-term. Our decision years ago was Adonel Concrete. Thank you, Adonel, for your efforts and sacrifices throughout the many years. Thank you for everything you have done for us."
- Carlos Gonzalez, Division President, Lennar Homes

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